It makes more sense than you might think.

My, what a delicious idea. Netflix.

“This author finds herself compelled to share the most curious of news.” So states Lady Whistledown, in her sing-songy soprano voiceover, in the first episode of Netflix’s runaway Regency romp, Bridgerton.

The non de plume-protected author is reading from her own astoundingly…

But here’s how to make it work for you if Facebook and other companies get their way in setting the ‘new normal’

On May 21, Facebook became the first of the big tech companies to announce it would allow many of its employees to work from home permanently. Yes, permanently. Bye, bye Menlo Park enclave.

“It’s clear that Covid has changed a lot about our lives, and that certainly includes the way…

Lesson 1: I will never write morning pages

If the breathless admiration of productivity enthusiasts everywhere is the worm, then the early bird definitely gets it. As someone who exists firmly on the night-owl end of the spectrum, I’ve been internalizing this message for a long time.

Even as a kid, I would prefer to spend Saturday mornings…

And no, it doesn’t involve giving your email to a dubious ‘expert’

Hi. I’m a former editor who now spends most of her time freelance writing. I would like to humbly offer a suggestion for becoming a better writer and getting more work. It is alarmingly simple, but not to be discounted: Re-read your own work.

I’m not talking about proofreading a…

Sometime in the past few weeks, my Instagram feed became a veritable who’s who of home chefs and artisanal ingredients and tasteful lighting and Millennial pink tableware and perfectly crumpled linen napkins and expert plating.

I’ve witnessed people’s triumphs hand-cutting pasta for the first time, removing a perfect loaf of…

They’re just as important, they add up to the same number of pages—and you’ll definitely have more fun doing it

Not too many years ago on a warm spring day, I got hit with an inspirational burst that led me to send a very important text message to friends: “You guys. I just thought of the best Halloween costume.” I wasn’t even going to tell them what the costume was…

Kelly Marages

Magazine Publishing Veteran | Bylines with WaPo, WSJ, Marie Claire, Us Weekly | Founder of Shirley Books

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