One of the Simplest Ways to Become a Better Writer Is Right at Your Fingertips

And no, it doesn’t involve giving your email to a dubious ‘expert’

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Identify the things that you did well—because those are the things that you *do* well

When you’re a freelance writer, many times you serve as both writer and editor of your work. Going back to an article after time has passed helps you put on a more objective editor cap than you can wear at the time of writing.

Look for the things you can improve

Whether you like the piece or not, there’s probably something that you see now that you wish you hadn’t done then (or maybe there’s something that you wish you had done at the time that you didn’t).

Build off of the post’s original idea

If the premise worked then and you still like it now, well, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel! Why not figure out a way to update the content or come up with the next logical extension for the topic that works today? Seriously, it will save you some brain power articles and help you develop what’s essentially your individual calling card.

Recall who you wrote the piece for, then contact them

One of the biggest secrets to success in the freelance world is not just developing contacts, but keeping up your contacts.

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